Queensferry Parish Church

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Do you have any Tech Skills or wish to learn some? Wed 12th Jan

Do you have any Tech Skills or wish to learn some?

Can you work in a time-pressured activity?

Are you a team player?

If you tick YES to any of the above, we have some opportunities for you at church on Sundays.

Read on!!

Our Tech team at the back of the church has three distinct roles required to facilitate our current in-church and live-streamed Sunday services: Slides Presentation; Sound systems for ministers and music group; and Camera operation along with control of the Live Stream function.

All of these have to work closely together. But you don’t need to know everything about any of them – we’ll make sure you get whatever training or experience you need to become part of the Sunday teams.

As we start to come out of the strict restrictions of COVID, we seek to increase the pool of Tech team helpers in church. For many months we have retained a very small team of ‘family group’ folks so we can ourselves minimise any risks of spreading the bugs. And we will continue to keep all our controls and precautions in place for some time to come, but that does enable us to invite new helpers to supplement our small team.

If you would like to hear more or find out what is involved, speak to one of the Tech teams any Sunday, or email harrowerian@gmail.com or phone / text or WhatsApp 07565 593785