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Who’s Who?

Parish Minister

Rev David Cameron was called to Dalmeny and Queensferry Churches on 26th March 2009. After living all his life on the south side of Glasgow, David had spent the last sixteen years as minister of Maxwell Mearns Castle Church. The move east was a big step for him and his wife Lesley, but was something they strongly felt Gods’ hand upon.

David and Lesley have been married for over 30 years, and have 3 children and four grandchildren.

Lesley works with Fischy Music as their Administrator.

As well as enjoying the odd games of golf and football, David loves living in Queensferry and Dalmeny.

Tel: 07737 910018

Email: minister@qpcweb.org

Associate Minister

Rev Ann Inglis Ann is a retired Parish Minister who hasn’t yet understood the meaning of the word “retired.” She came to live in Queensferry in 2015 from a parish in very rural Berwickshire (five little villages round Duns) and quickly became involved in the life and worship of Dalmeny and Queensferry churches. She enjoys walking her dog; still enjoys singing; is a keen cook and enjoys most things domestic.

Tel: 0131 629 0233 or 07920 228545

Email: revainglis@gmail.com

Ordained Local Minister and Pastoral Team Lead

Rev Derek Munn

Email: dmunn@churchofscotland.org.uk

Tel: 07592 953261

Church Administrator

Charlotte Davie

Tel: 0131 331 1100

Email: office@qpcweb.org


Rob Kernohan

Email: treasurer@qpcweb.org

Session Clerk

Nara Nisbet

Tel: 07923545043

​Depute Session Clerks

Sandra Buttrick

Carol McDivitt

Carol Kelly

Pastoral Assistant

Betsy Clarke

Tel: 0131 331 2783

Email: office@qpcweb.org

Pastoral Assistant

Anne Forsyth

Tel: 0131 629 7833

Email: office@qpcweb.org

​Pastoral Assistant

Sandra MacKay

Tel: 01506 845476

Email: office@qpcweb.org

​Pastoral Assistant

Joyce Slee

Tel: 0131 331 3106

Email: office@qpcweb.org

​Pastoral Assistant

Aileen Harrower

Tel: 0131 331 1108

Email: office@qpcweb.org

​Pastoral Assistant

Moira Sinclair

Tel: 0131 331 3532

Email: office@qpcweb.org

​Pastoral Assistant

Sue Lloyd

Tel: 01383 626697

Email: office@qpcweb.org