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Who’s Who?

Locum Minister

Rev Ann Inglis Ann is a retired Parish Minister who hasn’t yet understood the meaning of the word “retired.” She came to live in Queensferry in 2015 from a parish in very rural Berwickshire (five little villages round Duns) and quickly became involved in the life and worship of Dalmeny and Queensferry churches. She still enjoys singing; is a keen cook and enjoys most things domestic.

Tel: 07920 228545

Email: revainglis@gmail.com

Ordained Local Minister and Pastoral Team Lead

Rev Derek Munn

Email: derek@dqpc.org

Tel: 07592 953261

Church Administrator

Charlotte Davie

Tel: 0131 331 1100

Email: office@dqpc.org


Rob Kernohan

Email: treasurer@dqpc.org

Session Clerk

Nara Nisbet

Tel: 07923545043

Email: sessionclerk@dqpc.org

​Depute Session Clerks

Sandra Buttrick

Carol McDivitt

Carol Kelly

Pastoral Community Worker

Aileen McFarlane

Tel: 07562 916 849

Email: aileen@dqpc.org

Pastoral Assistant

Betsy Clarke

Tel: 0131 331 2783

Email: office@dqpc.org

Pastoral Assistant

Anne Forsyth

Tel: 0131 629 7833

Email: office@dqpc.org

​Pastoral Assistant

Sandra MacKay

Tel: 01506 845476

Email: office@dqpc.org

​Pastoral Assistant

Joyce Slee

Tel: 0131 331 3106

Email: office@dqpc.org

​Pastoral Assistant

Aileen Harrower

Tel: 0131 331 1108

Email: office@dqpc.org

​Pastoral Assistant

Moira Sinclair

Tel: 0131 331 3532

Email: office@dqpc.org