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Children’s and Youth Ministry Team

Core activities

Oversight of and vision for our children’s and youth work
Holiday club
Youth for Christ project
Support activities for parents/carers
Liaison with Worship Ministry team


  • Provide stimulating, interesting, secure and fun environments in which children of pre-school, primary school and secondary school age can learn about Jesus Christ.
  • Lay foundational truths regarding the Christian faith and, where appropriate, encourage children and young people into a living relationship with Jesus Christ.
  • In conjunction with other churches and Youth for Christ, develop a youth project that will encourage young people of secondary school age to explore the Christian faith, encounter Jesus, and develop their full potential as they grow in a relationship with him.
  • Identify opportunities to attract children to Christian programmes suitable for their age.
  • Provide a forum for mutual support and co-operation between leaders of children’s and youth ministry activities.


Parent & Toddler group, Crèche and Sundays@10, Uniformed organisations, SU groups in local schools, Youth fellowship.

How to get involved:

If you’d like to be help in the Crèche, or with Sundays@10, the Youth Fellowship, in schools work, or if you’d like to join the Children and Youth Team, email us.

Team Leader:

Martin Corbett; send email