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Christian Aid East Africa Hunger Crisis Appeal   See: Christian Aid   Wed 31st Aug

As Queensferry Parish Church celebrates ‘Harvest’, it is with sadness that Christian Aid is bringing failed ‘Harvests’ to our notice. For the first time, there have been 4 rainy seasons in the countries in the Horn of Africa, especially in Somalia, Kenya and Ethiopia without the rain. Millions of people are facing the threat of famine and their lives are at risk. Covid 19 has increased the demand for clean water and the war in Ukraine has caused global food prices to rocket. Pictures of skeletal children at medical centres have already been portrayed in our national news.
Yet, it is within our power to save lives and prevent a devastating hunger crisis. To this aim, we are including an appeal for Christian Aid’s East Africa Hunger Crisis alongside our Harvest Services. Monetary donations to this urgent appeal will be very gratefully received and will be well used.